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Ukrainian brides are known to almost everyone around the world and guess what, they totally deserve such fame. The initial thing every human being on the world notices is how they look out. Without doubts, they will probably claim that the most significant part is the soul. But come on, let’s face it – appearance plays a big role when we get interested in someone. So there is no doubt Ukrainian girls will

  • catch your eye
  • enchant you with rich long dark hair
  • attract you with big enchanting dark eyes
  • make you crazy with a neat nose and full lips
  • fascinate you with particularly tender slim figure

These are their hallmarks that make them such desirable girlfriends and wives. Women from Ukraine manage to look absolutely marvelous every day because they take care of themselves and it is quite uncommon that you can see them being sloppy.

Ukrainian Women Dating

Still, it is not just the appearance that they may offer. Their personality is what makes men go crazy about them. The first thing you will notice is how friendly and amiable they are. It is not too challenging to have a conversation with them because there is a lot of things they know and can talk about, they are great listeners and they are genuinely interested in a good conversation. Ukrainian women are famous for their being rather positive and cheerful.

They are not likely to be cynical or dramatical. With such a woman you can be quite sure about the fact that she will be not only your romantic partner but your best friend and the strongest supporter as well. The trait that we personally love about Ukrainian women is their strength and willpower. They can think in critical situations and usually don’t cry about even the smallest problems to you. In the long run, you will surely understand how important this trait is.

Now let’s get to the point why you have to choose a Ukrainian woman to spend your life with. It is not a secret that they have very strong family values. They are loyal and you can be sure that once you become their partner you are perfect for them. Due to the very traditional upbringing with the distinct difference between male and female roles, Ukrainian women are taught to be perfect cooks (Ukrainian cuisine is not something you want to miss in your life, believe us), great housewives, loving and caring mothers. A Ukrainian woman can create the family you’ve dreamt about or even better.

Ukrainian Dating Sites

The trait that is highly relevant to this article is, of course, their strong interest in the international relationship. Ukrainian women love trying new things and international dating is one of them. So they are open to any experience and can be easily found on numerous dating websites.

Our task for today is to find the Ukrainian dating sites that would work for you. No scam. No barely understandable interfaces. No fake profiles. Let’s start!


KissRussianBeauty has been on the market for a couple of years and showed very good rates. Their mission is to pit thousands of loving hearts together and provide a satisfactory service to its customers. They have plenty of new members! Moreover, the sites` staff puts your safety first!

Why KissRussianBeauty

The feature that we adore the most about this website is the comfortability of use. First of all, the design of KissRussianBeauty is very simple – you can find everything intuitively and there are no irritating ads popping out of nowhere. The registration process is very quick and easy. Your name, location, date of birth, gender, password, and email is all it takes to become a member and get access to thousands of Ukrainian singles. You are not obliged to fill out the full profile before starting browsing. You can look at profiles and if you decide that you found someone worth your attention, you can fill everything out.

Now the great thing is coming – the notifications. The site will keep you informed about all the messages, “added to favorites”, etc. You don’t want to miss a message from that beautiful Ukrainian girl, do you? However, you can turn off notifications like “added to favorites” in the settings. Another feature that makes use comfortable is a credit payment system. Sometimes you get so lucky that you find the perfect person right away, but you have already paid for a monthly membership subscription which means that you waste your money for the rest of the month. The situation on KissRussianBeauty is completely different. You pay for the amount of credit of your choice and use the services as much as you need them!


From the very name, you can understand that there you can find the prettiest Ukrainian brides. The quality of profiles is one of the greatest features of the site which is extremely important! The first thing that draws your attention is a professional photo. Plenty of profiles have their photos taken in a studio so that you can fully admire her beauty. However, please, don’t think that professional photos are dramatically changed. The site`s team takes care that people appeared on the photos as close to real-life as possible. For that, they ask women to show their current ID. That is why any member that has a “verified” sign is absolutely trustable and safe to chat with.

Filled out profiles that are full of details caught our attentive eye as well. We think (and you should agree) that it is unlikely that you will write the girl with good photos but nothing written in the profile. It is simply foolish to waste your time on the person who can’t tell anything about herself. Or you can start chatting and after a while, it can happen that you understand that you are two completely different people. To make sure that it will never happen, RussianBeautyDate asks female members to give out as many details as possible in their profiles.


DateRussianGirl is the site where you can meet Ukrainian singles and feel safe and free from any scam or personal information leakage. The staff of the site has done everything to make sure of that. They use the newest 128-bit SSL encryption, Secure Socket Layer (just so you don’t need to open google again, SSL is a security technology for web-payments. It is widely used in such big projects as Amazon and eBay). All the payments on the site are verified by Visa and MasterCard secure code. So as you can see your financial information is absolutely discreet. The verified account rule should be applied to this site as well.

Speaking about the staff of the site, we were very impressed by the support team. If any issue ever appears, you can always contact them. No matter if it is regarding sign up process, search tools, problems with payment or you suspect the fraud account, they will be there for you 24/7 and solve all your problems (we are in need of such a support team for a real life. If you know any, please, contact us). From all mentioned above, we can conclude that the team of DateRussianGirl values its customers and provides them with everything they may ever need.


When it comes to AnastasiaDate you know that it is the place where creating a strong bond with your Ukrainian soulmate is an easy thing to do. The site gives you a great variety of possibilities to contact with the girl you liked. For example:

Instant Messages

This is widely used on all the dating platforms and it is pretty obvious why. It is very quick, doesn`t require to be very imaginative and means that you don’t have to wait too long for a text back.


If you feel like trying a vintage way of getting a woman, send an email. It has the charm of usual letters but doesn`t require such a long sending and receiving time. It is an uncommon way of contacting someone but you can be sure that it will show your originality. And women like it!

Phone Call

Thanks to modern technology we can hear voices of the beloved ones from enormous distances. Thanks to AnastasiaDate we can easily understand them – it has a team of professional translators who can do their job in a way that you barely notice them. And believe us when we say that you will need a translator. Most of the Ukrainian women don’t speak English that well. Don’t worry though! On the first steps of acquaintance, translators are your main help and then, if your intentions are serious she will learn the language impressively fast.

Video Call

It is like a phone call, but so much better. You will be able to see what she looks like in daily life, how her face features change within reaction to your words, or simply how adorable she smiles.


If she is busy or sleeps because of the difference in your time zones, you can watch a video of her attached to the profile. It is a great way to get to know her better and to look at her when you miss her too much.

A Date

So this wonderful moment came – you know that she is the one and you want to see her so badly. AnastasiaDate is here to help you – tickets, a translator, a hotel, a perfect date spot are on them. The only thing you should worry about is losing your mind over your Ukrainian beauty.

As you can see, the possibilities are really endless and we hope that you will come to the last one very soon.

These were some awesome Ukrainian dating sites for now. They were carefully sorted out by our pickiest critics so you can be sure that you are getting the best of it! Let your search for a Ukrainian bride begin!

Updated on Apr 2023

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