Russian Mail Order Bride Cost – Exploring the Expenses

The business of mail order brides in Russia is one of the most developed in the world. Russian dating sites have hundreds of new members daily, dozens of dates and marriages take place every day. Why are Russian beauties so popular? 

We can find two pretty logical explanations. First of all, it is the Russian beauties themselves. They are overly popular due to their strong family values, striking appearance, the way they take care of themselves and other people, a cheerful and robust personality. They make dream wives who manage to be passionate lovers, attentive and supportive friends, and sweet, caring mothers at the same time. Men from all over the world lose their minds when it comes to stunning Russian ladies.

The second reason is that Russian women are very interested in international relationships. It is a great opportunity to change their country for the one with a better political and economic situation. In addition, not all average Russian men are considered ideal husbands. Violent, with a tendency to alcoholism and take Russian women for granted, they aren`t on the top list of perfect husbands. And, of course, sometimes it happens that it’s hard for a woman to find her ideal partner in her country. Russians are very romantic, and marrying and living with someone they don’t love seem insufferable and impossible. 

Even though Russian women want to marry a man from abroad, it does not mean they will marry the first man who comes across. It is pretty obvious, taking into account our point about their romantic personality. So if you are head over hills in love with a Russian lady, you can`t make her to marry you. She is seeking love and peace as well as you do and forcing someone into something that doesn’t sound like love.

Getting a Wife: Mail Order Bride Pricing

Mail-order bride business is not like Amazon with Russian beauties of different types, sizes, and with accurate descriptions. You can`t choose a woman, click delivery, and get her neatly packaged in two weeks. Women are human beings with their wishes, desires, and preferences. We want you to think over and understand this message clearly. 

Although we can`t tell you the fixed sum of Russian mail order bride cost, we can show you the process of getting one, and you can approximately evaluate the costs yourself.

Russian bride

Find the perfect site

The best place to start looking for a Russian bride is online dating sites and mail order bride agencies. You mustn`t be likely to find a Russian bride on such popular sites as Tinder, Badoo, or Hinge. These sites are designed mostly for one-night stands or unserious relationship. We are looking for deep bonds and creating a family, right? This can be found on the following sites:

  • LoveSwans
  • UkrainianCharm
  • Valentime
  • VictoriaHearts

These top Russian mail order brides sites are famous for the best services, security, easiness of usage, and constant customer support. They sort out only the best Russian woman and only the ones who are looking for a serious relationship. The site provides you with great search and match systems, various ways of communication with the chosen one, professional translators, and help with organizing a real-life date. Bringing together two people that are separated by miles, cultures and language barriers is not easy. Yet they somehow manage to make all the international dating cons magically disappear.

  • 9.9

This kind of assistance on every stage of a relationship requires a lot of resources and efforts and should be rewarded. Sites have a credit system which means that you don’t have to pay for a monthly subscription. You pay only when you use the services. Credits price varies from site to site, but a standard package of 50 credits usually costs 10-20$. 

Visit your lady

There will be a moment when you feel the urge to meet her so much. Visiting Russia is not cheap, especially if you live in the USA or Australia, however, staying in Russia is quite cheap if you compare the prices to other countries. So when you start to date a Russian woman online you should keep in mind that the day when you have to buy a plane ticket will come. 


Like any other relationship, dating a Russian woman requires some financial investments. Restaurants, flowers, and other gifts are must be in the relationship. It will show your seriousness of intentions, genuine interest in her, and readiness to financially support her. What is more important, these small things will just make her happy. 


When you know that she is the one and she fell in love with you completely, it is time to move in together. That means plane tickets again, visa issues, and buying a lot of routine stuff. 


As you see, a mail order bride includes all the costs of ordinary dating plus big extra in the form of tickets. However, we reassure you that all the money and efforts are totally worth it. Think about the dream life that a Russian woman brings with her and start registering on the online dating sites right now. Who knows, maybe in just a month you`ll be happily married to the love of your life. The main thing is to start looking!

Updated on Apr 2023

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