Maltese Brides: Mentality And National Special Features

How do you imagine life on an island in the middle of the sea? Maltese people have such a privilege. The long-term struggle of Europeans and Arabs for this island has influenced the national spirit, the formation of the mentality and character of the inhabitants. The most beautiful features of many Maltese are their smile, emotionality, cheerfulness, and moral values. It must be said that some foreigners tend to abuse naivety and readiness to help. They never leave people that ask about help or assistance.

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Maltese have a relaxing life-style and sometimes it has bad consequences for other people. It is hard to communicate with them for busy and hard-working people. Some Maltese do not respect the time of other people and set their own interests above others’. Despite they are mostly open-minded and kind, they can be arrogant and stubborn. If someone has their own formed opinion about something, it is not possible to convince him. It does not matter how many facts and arguments you see.


It is barely possible to imagine how ancient Maltese looked.  During its existence, the island belonged to various nations such as the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, French, Germans and so on. The mixing of types of blood and genotypes formed the modern Maltese nation. A feature of the appearance of both women and men is gold skin and black rough curly hair. Their beauty is unusual. Women often make bunches or use a large hairpin. Women are very beautiful and attractive. They are happy owners of wide hips and a fragile top. This creates a sexy silhouette.

Beauty And Style

For Maltese wife, every day is a holiday. Women like wearing shorts, dresses, and skirts made of light and translucent fabrics. Floral prints, bright colors, and a large number of accessories are typical elements of a daily look. Maltese women like to look spectacular, so they do not spare any effort.  As a rule, they use eye-shadows, eye-lashes, and lipsticks. Concealers and foundation creams are difficult to wear in this climate. It can be said that many Maltese women for marriage do not have a sense of style and balance. In their desire to look good, they often overdo.

Going Out

When Maltese have free time, they prefer to spend it with members of the family. Going out to various cafes, restaurants or bars is one of the most common types of time-spending. Even parents that have small babies do not deny themselves this. It seems there is no person that would not take a part in a funny and noisy celebration. There is an endless series of carnivals and festivals. Such holidays union people and are a part of a national spirit. Besides, Maltese are fans of dancing and music. On national holidays they go out on the streets and make shows.


The most important thing in the life of every Maltese is a family. They adore spending time with their numerous relatives and making barbecues. The government of Malta promotes the cultivation of family values. Until now, girls are forbidden to have abortions and only recently Maltese were allowed to divorce. The divorce process can take a long time and therefore men do not want to spend their energy on it. Many married men like to communicate with other girls on the Internet. But this is just flirt and nothing more. The peculiarity of Maltese is not peculiar to Europeans overprotection. Despite Malta is one of the safest places on the Earth and has not a big population, many parents can not overcome their desire to take care of already adult children.


Malta belongs to industrial countries. The most developed countries are industry, trade, and services. Tourism also makes most of the profit. Because of its geographical location, people in Malta do not work in offices and are not careerists. They work in the tourism sector and infrastructure. Many men work in the construction and maintenance of marine transport. In addition, the country has developed electronic exports. Maltese often work with iGaming and financial companies.


Maltese people prefer to spend time actively. Popular sports in Malta include tennis, squash, diving, windsurfing, water skiing, and aerobics. Manu inhabitants of Malta like to go hunting or fishing on weekends. They do not care about the catch. This is rather a good reason to see friends, colleagues, and relatives again. Maltese never hurry up and enjoy every moment even while doing exercises.


Except for water sports Maltese have some more passions. There are pets and autos. To begin with, there are no many animals on the island. That is why kind and care Maltese like having a lot of pets. The problem is it affects the cleanliness. Owners of animals do not always clean after their animals.

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International dating

Nowadays, many people are interested in international dating and relationships with Maltese women dating. Maltese men are not always great variants for local women. That is why a lot of inhabitants of this country use dating sites to meet someone. Usually, representatives of this country are not interested in just flirt or friendship. They respect marriage and are searching for life-partners. Their future men should share their interests and respect their origin. Most Maltese are patriots of their country, despite some do not know a lot about history, culture or traditions.


To draw a conclusion, Malta is a wonderful country with a rich history, great architecture monuments and a legacy of art. People that live in Malta are a religious nation with moral values. Representatives of this nation never rush and live for their own pleasure. They are funny, friendly, generous and sincere. In the list of values, there are family and relationships. Maltese allow themselves to relax and attend noisy parties. It can be emphasized that this is a nation that does not need a reason to celebrate. Incredible landscapes, mountainous terrain, turquoise water make Malta a paradise where people live serene and calm. In general, Malta is a hospitable and nice place.

Updated on Apr 2023

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